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XI International Conference in a series on “Enterprise in the Global Economy”


Thedigital and post-digital economy and the enterprise​


Date: March 12, 2020​


Free time as an economic, social and cultural matter

Problems of the contemporary world


which will be held at Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw

on 20 November 2019 Warsaw

Enterprise- Creativity -  Digitization – various dimensions of business in the XXI century
March 22-23, 2018, Warsaw School of Economics

Globalization - money - taxes

Jubilee Conference of Prof. WitoldBień, Ph.D., and Prof. Henry Cholaj, Ph.D. "Globalization - money - taxes. History and Contemporaneity", May 29, 2017, Warsaw School of Economics

1st conference of the self-employed and freelancers

20.10.2016, Warsaw School of Economics

About the needs and consumption

The scientific conference on the 100th anniversaryof Prof. Maximilian Pohorille’s birthday - 29/06/2015, Warsaw School of Economics

Enterprise in the global economy

"Enterprise in the Global Economy" is a series of conferences organized by the Institute of Markets and Competition"

2017 - conference on "Enterprises with Breakthrough Innovations"

2016 - conference on "SharingEconomy. A new Era of Entrepreneurship Development?"

2015 - conference on "Competitiveness of Polish Enterprises. The Descent of Free Competition?"

2014 - conference on "Industrial Enterprises as the Foundation of the Economy".

2012 - conference on "Polish Enterprises Entering International Markets"

2011 - conference on "Enterprise in the Context of Increasing Environmental Instability"

2010 - conference on "Transaction Costs, their Changes and Implications for the Development and Diversification of Enterprises"

2009 - conference on "Enterprise in the times of the Global Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities"



Internationalization of Polish companies. Creating value of Polish enterprises by foreign investments - 19/02/2016

"SharingEconomy in Poland" - 19/04/2016

"SharingEconomy in Poland" - 20/10/2016