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 Department of Economic Geography

Department of Economic Geography at the Warsaw School of Economics was founded at the time of establishing departments as basic school units for teaching and research. Its educational activity was due to the fact that since the beginning of functioning of the School operating since 1906 as Private Courses of Commerce economic geography was taught as a discipline. Lectures on economic geography were conducted continuously throughout the period of the school’s existence. They are addressed to all students. Department of Economic Geography has always been an important educational and research center in Poland. This was possible thanks to the outstanding scholars and academic leaders who guided this Department. The heads of Department were as follows: Antoni Sujkowski, Jerzy Loth, Mieczysław Fleszar, Stanisław Berezowski and Irena Fierla. For some period of time in the Department of Economic Geography were two separate units concentrating their efforts on national and international studies. Currently the Department does not have the unit structure.





 Head of unit