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Cooperation : Cooperation – Department of Logistics | Warsaw School of Economics

 International Cooperation

The department of Logistics cooperates with:
Community of European Management Schools (CEMS).
Within the framework of this cooperation Professor Krzysztof Rutkowski takes part in the work of Interfaculty Group Global Supply Chain Management (this group consists of Professors responsible for leading Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses within CEMS members universities' curricula. Professor Krzysztof Rutkowski also takes part in every year meetings of Research and Doctoral Workshops (CEMS Seminar on European Supply Chain Management).
European Logistics Association (ELA).
Professor Krzysztof Rutkowski had been President of Polish Logistics Managers' Association and on behalf of his function many times he represented Poland during ELA meetings. In 1997-2002 Professor Krzysztof Rutkowski was a member of ELA Research and Development Committee representing Central and Easter Europe. Young members of the Department of Logistics took part in Doctoral Workshops organized by ELA. Besides this in 2000 the Department of Logistics was responsible for organizing Doctoral Workshop ELA in Monchy St. Eloi (France). 
BestLog project's partners.
2006-2010 the Department of Logistics was an active member of research group within BestLog project. The project was worth 200.000 EUR and was conducted within 6th UE Programme , financed by DG TREN. Its goal was to establish permanent European platform for gathering and presenting the best practicies in logistics. Project partners included: European Logistics Association (ELA), Technische Universitaet Berlin (Germany), Oxford University (Great Britain), Universitaet St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Chalmers Institute (Sweden). Within the framework of this project the Department of Logistics has organized, in cooperation with Said Business School, Oxford University, international conference “Transferability of Best Practices” (SGH, September 17, 2009). Now the Department of Logistics is partner-expert for ELA BestLog platform of the best practicies in logistics.