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About the Department : About the Department – Department of Logistics | Warsaw School of Economics

 History of the Department


Associate Professor Krzysztof Rutkowski, PhD founded the Department of Logistics in 1992. Now Head of Department of Logistics is Associate Professor Katarzyna Nowicka, PhD. The Department is a part of the Collegium of Business Administration. Its dedicated staff consists of one Associate Professor of Logistics, and three Assistant Professors of Logistics.
From 1992 to 1996, the Department's staff held numerous internships at leading academic centers in Europe (such as the Universities of Cranfield, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, and IESE in Barcelona), the USA (University of Minnesota), and Canada (University of British Columbia), studing these universities’ methods and curriculas for management and logistics, in order to ensure that the Department maintains a global level of education. The Department's cooperation with many European academic logistics centers has also its roots in the TEMPUS SJEP 07193-94 program.  
Research plays a key role in the work of the Department of Logistics and contributes to its international position. The Department's staff has vast experience in designing, managing, and conducting national and international academic programs and seminars. It has organized a large number of scientific conferences and workshops, as well as training programs in logistics and supply chain management for business professionals in Poland, representing both private and public sectors.
The Department of Logistics has strong network of collaborating institutions and international organizations (such as the Community of European Management Schools and the European Logistics Association), as well as subsidiaries of global corporations based in Poland and consulting companies (including AT Kearney and KPMG). It resulted in its the highest position in terms of teaching, research, and publications on supply chain management.
Since 1996, over 2000 students have graduated from the Department's Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Purchasing Managers' Post-graduate Studies, and they are a great source of pride for the Department.

 Research and Teaching Profile


​The Department of Logistics, SGH is one of the leading Polish and European centers dealing with logistics, purchasing, and supply chain management problems. During the 1990s, it researched and published studies focused on logistics management, distribution, procurement, international logistics, logistics in the service industry, outsourcing and contract logistics, as well as IT technology. From the beginning the Department of Logistics, SGH placed huge importance on the links between logistics and strategic management, marketing, finance, accounting, and management operations. Equally important were concepts of Total Quality Management, Lean Management, Time-based Management and Sustainable Development.

Since entering the twenty-first century, the Department of Logistics, SGH has been a pioneer and leader in education, particularly in post-graduate and MBA degrees for modern logistics and supply chain management. Department's students are taught the impact of supply chain management in building a competitive advantage and improving profitability and enterprise value. The interest of the Department's faculties in supply chain management processes have indirectly strengthened the Department's involvement in various management disciplines, such as purchasing, operations, product design, marketing and information systems.