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 Aneta Pluta-Zaremba, Ph.D.


​Assistant Professor at the Logistics Department, Warsaw School of Economics
Scientific Secretary of Postgraduate Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management



email: Aneta.Pluta-Zaremba (at
address: Warsaw School of Economics
al. Niepodległości 128, 02-554 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 564 9326

Courses offered:

[238541-0477] Demand Management in the Supply Chain [in English]
[230510-0498] Logistyka dystrybucji
[220770-0498] Zarządzanie logistyczne
[238540-0477] Zarządzanie popytem w łańcuchu dostaw
[235970-0477] Logistyka handlu elektronicznego
[238550-1016] Logistyka miejska  
[137090-0072] Logistyka w przedsiębiorstwie

Post-graduate Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management



PhD in Economics, SGH
MA in Economics, SGH, Faculty of Marketing and Management
International Business Course in HEAO Business School in Arnhem, Holland
Full-time Executive MBA program, Institut Francais de Gestion in cooperation with SGH

Research interests:

  • Global supply chain management
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Supply chain and logistics management and sustainable development of companies (CSR)
  • E-commerce logistics
  • TSL and CEP market services
  • City logistics (esp. urban distribution)

Main research projects:

  • Promotion of Multimodal Transport in Chemical Logistics (ChemMultimodal) Project, Interreg Central Europe, Programme priority 4. Cooperating on transport to better connect Central Europe, 2016-2019.
  • Innovations in the management of urban transport - research task within "Innovations in the management of cities in Poland", M. Bryx, Statutory Research KNOP SGH 2012-2013. 
  • The impact of warehouse location on the regeneration of urban areas - research task within "The regeneration of polish cities as a factor shaping competitiveness", Statutory Research KNOP SGH 2011.
  • Courier, express and parcel sector – the impact on the polish economy, Forum Przewoźników Ekspresowych,  SGH 2010-2011.
  • Redesign of the supply chain of fresh and smoked fish. MAKRO Cash & Carry in Poland case study - research task within "Measurement and implementation of best practices for companies in Poland", Statutory Research KNOP SGH 2010.
  • Methods implemented by Polish companies to reduce demand uncertainty in supply chains, KNOP SGH 2007
  • The impact of the Internet and e-commerce on the long-term partnership, KNOP SGH 2003.
  • New trends in distribution systems of products - research task within "Logistics strategies of global companies – opportunity or threat to Polish companies", Statutory Research KNOP SGH 2000.

Selected publications:

  1. Cross-border e-commerce – development drivers and logistical challenges, „Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka”, No. 6/2016.
  2. Reverse logistics process in B2C e-commerce, (co-author), “Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka" 8/2016.
  3. B2C e-commerce reverse logistics – consumer value creation, (co-author), “Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka", No. 7/2016.
  4. Changing retail roles and competences in supply chains, „Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka”, No. 12/2015.
  5. Innovations in the city logistics focused on sustainable transport of goods, “Research Paper of Wrocław University of Economics”, No. 383, Wroclaw 2015.
  6. Innovations in the transport of goods in polish cities, The transport infrastructure in  polish cities, in: Innovations in the management of cities in Poland, M. Bryx (ed.), OW SGH, Warsaw 2014.
  7. Socially and environmentally responsible activities in urban goods transport, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Zeszyty Naukowe nr 790, Problemy Transportu i Logistyki, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Szczecin 2013.
  8. Organising city operations of express carriers in response to congestion and traffic restrictions, (co-author), „Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka”, No. 11/2012.
  9. The warehouse location in the vicinity of Warsaw , in: Urban regeneration and entrepreneurship, M. Bryx (ed. ), OW SGH, Warsaw 2012.
  10. The CEP sector vs. the Polish economy – conditions and predictions of development, „Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka”, No. 8/2011.
  11. Courier, express and parcel sector – the impact on the polish economy (co-author of the report), CDiEG SGH, Warsaw May 2011.
  12. Makro Cash&Carry supply chain of fresh fish, (co-author), „Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie”, nr 2 (15), IV-V 2010, SGH, Warszawa 2010.
  13. Process of reducing demand uncertainty in supply chain, „Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka”, No. 11/2008.
  14. Demand forecasting, Distribution logistics in the era of the Internet, in: Distribution Logistics,  K. Rutkowski (ed.), OW SGH, Warsaw 2005.
  15. Physical distribution as the key to the success of online sales, in: Logistics on-line, K. Rutkowski (ed.), OW SGH, Warsaw 2002
  16. The bulwhip effect in the supply chain, „Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka”, PWE, No. 5/2002.
  17. IKEA – the Leader of Integrated Supply Chain, in: Integrated supply chain. Experiences of global and polish companies, K. Rutkowski (ed.),  OW SGH, Warsaw 1999.