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Development program

1. Research-scientific focus

The Department of Administrative and Financial Corporate Law focuses on:legal aspects of corporate management,relations between a corporate entity and its institutional administrative and financial environment,legal and administrative procedures deeply conditioning competitiveness in realities of market economy,the Single European Market and the international business environment in the conditions of globalization and e-economy. These relate to studying legal liberties and restraints on the functioning of corporate entities in the context of the public finance law, European commercial law, banking law, e-business law, public procurements law, insurance law and taxation law as well the customs law and policies of the European Union. These are also the areas of research conducted by the Department’s fellows and associates, as well as by its undergraduate and postgraduate students.  The Department’s associates, frequently awarded at the national and academic levels, reflect them in monographs and publications.The Department cooperates with numerous centres and departments of a similar nature both home and abroad. Our fellows actively participate in numerous scientific conferences, both national and international.

2. The faculty’s development program for the Department’s needs

Mrs.Sylwia Morawska, PhD is preparing a postdoctoral dissertation on corporate authorities’ responsibilities and risk management. Her dissertation is currently the most advanced one of all the research works of our senior lecturers.  Mr. Jarosław Wierzbicki, PhD is preparing, as a part of his research works, to present a postdoctoral dissertation related to the insurance services market and the issue of legal risks in functioning of commercial entities. Mr. Aleksander Werner, PhD is preparing, as a part of his research works, to present a postdoctoral dissertation related to financial law – the influence of public finance and public levies on business activities of a commercial entity.    Mrs. Ewa Gwardzinska, PhD is preparing her study dedicated to the competition on the Single European Market Customs services market. Mr. Wojciech Rogowski, PhD is going to prepare his postdoctoral thesis on corporate governance in the light of law and economics.

3. The development of the human resources for the needs of the economy

The Department’s fellows are constantly raising their qualifications by conducting research, as well as by gaining professional qualifications. Last year Doctor Werner qualified as a taxation adviser and a counsellor-at-law. Due to their functions, the Department’s fellows conduct lectures at the postgraduate and doctoral studies offered by SGH. The Department is a co-organiser of Postgraduate Collegium designed for public prosecutors and judges, which is being conducted in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice. Doctor Morawska is the main enabler in this area.In the current academic year and a taxation law learning path has been launched. The utilitarian role of the learning path for the students is one of the path’s fundamental objectives. Therefore, ensuring broad contacts with entities offering taxation law consulting services as a part of their business activities is a very important element of its functioning. In order to guarantee that this objective is being met we have launched co-operation with companies dealing as partners with taxation consulting - Ernst &Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SPD Ożóg i Wspólnicy and KPMG.   The law and economics is the new specialization, as scientific and education activity of the Department started in 2008 year.