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 Department of Administrative and Financial Corporate Law

​The Department of Administrative and Financial Corporate Law is one of departments in the Collegium of Business Administration at the Warsaw School of Economics. It was established in 1994 because of incorporating legal aspects in the corporate sciences concerning the companies operation in the domestic and international environment. Apart from functioning three different legal departments in the Warsaw School of Economics: The Department of Economic Law at the Collegium of Management and Finance, The Department of European Law at the Collegium of the Economy and Social Sciences and The Department of International Law at the Collegium of World Economy).
The Department of Administrative and Financial Corporate Law focuses on legal aspects of running a company and its relation with institutional administrative and financial environment,  in particular concerning administrative-legal procedures, which significantly influence the competitiveness in the environment of market economy, on the European single market and on the international scene in the electronic and global economy environment. It refers to studying both legal freedoms and its limitations in the company operation in the aspect of public finance law, European economic law, banking law, e-business law,  public order law, insurance and tax law as well as EU law and EU tariff policy.The above-mentioned issues are the subject of studies and teaching of the Department, its associated partners, students writing a master's thesis as well as doctorial thesis by Ph.D. students.Results of our work are reflected in monographs and publications of the Department associates, often awarded on the all Poland and university level.
The Department cooperates with many academic and public authorities as well as companies. Our partners are also centers and departments of similar profile in the country and abroad. Our employees actively participate in numerous national and international scientific conferences.




We invite you to the 1st National Scientific Conference entitled "Public Sector Organizations - Factors and Measurement of Effectiveness. The economic, managerial and legal aspect".







 Head of ​The Department