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 Research of Management Accounting Department


Ongoing research:

Research is focused on finding new possibilities of using the tools of management accounting and cost accounting as well as on the analysis of the quality of business reporting. In particular:

• Improving the pricing of health services by analyzing the impact of cost drivers on the costs of treatment in healthcare institutions
• Use of management accounting in risk reduction processes, operational management and strategic management
• Assessing current and planned regulations regarding the business reporting and the scope and quality of mandatory and voluntary disclosures
• The impact of the scope of the information disclosed in the financial reports of the issuers of securities on the investors’ and creditors’ protection and competitive position of the reporting company
• Balance sheet versus the evaluation of the economic potential of the company

Research made:

1. Projects funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund (ESF) and Grants funded by the NCN and NCBiR (formerly KBN)

2. Statutory research

3. Research funded by the Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics

4. Research for the development of young scientists