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9/25/2014 category: grants 

  1. ​Underconsumption in Polish living arrangements - state, determinants, trends- own N N112 335038
    dr hab. Janoś-Kresło, prof. SGH
    17.05.10 –16.05.12
    Department of Living Standard and Consumption 
  2. Social boundary of economic growth Contribution to the happiness economics– own N N112 393740
    dr hab. Ryszard Bartkowiak, prof. SGH
    04.05.11 – 3.11.12
    Department of History of Economic Thought 
  3. Economic behaviours and life quality of the higher class developing in Poland– own N N112 393540
    dr hab. Małgorzata Bombol, prof. SGH
    04.05.11 – 03.05.13
    Department of Living Standard and Consumption 
  4. System of guaranteeing deposits in Poland, including the system risk and bank operations risk– habilitatus N N113 362140
    dr Marcin Tomasz Gospodarowicz
    13.06.11 – 12.06.13
    Department of Banking 
  5. Business activities abroad - optimisation of taxation from the perspective of a Polish entrepreneur– habilitatus N N133 359440
    dr Marcin Paweł Jamroży
    06.05.11 – 05.05.13
    Department of Enterprise Finances 
  6. Spatial analysis of insurance risk and efficiency of life insurance– habilitatus N N113 361640
    dr Adam Śliwiński
    31.03.11 – 30.03.12
    Department of Economic Insurance 
  7. Innovativeness of network organisations in the knowledge-based economyUMO-2011/01/B/HS4/04808
    dr hab. Barbara Bojewska, prof. SGH
    06/12/2011 – 05/12/2013
    Department of Enterprise Management 
  8. Determinants of resistance of the Polish enterprises to macroeconomic crisisprof.
    dr hab. Maria Hanna Romanowska
    Department of Economy Management 
  9. Corporate governance in the context of the ownership structure. Case study of stock-listed companies
    dr hab. Maria Aluchna
    Department of Management Theory

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