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 Research activity

The Project Management Department carries out systematic academic research from the field of project management in the form of own and statutory research and research financed from central funds. Examples of subject areas of the Department’s research are:
  • social project management in accordance with PCM methodology (2008),
  • assessment and selection of methodological support tools for project management (2008),
  • assessment and project selection system within the Operational Programme Human Capital (2009),
  • using competency models in developing project management programmes (2009)
  • controlling in project development organizations (2010)
  • assessment of organization project maturity (2010)
  • project knowledge management (2009 - 2011)
  • project risk management in (2011)
  • comprehensive project assessment (2012)
  • models of project stakeholders analysis (2012)
  • communication management in projects (2012)
  • importance of project management office (2012)
  • public-private partnership projects (2012)
  • scale, scope and forms of controlling in project implementation (2013)
  • project risk management in entities from the public finance sector (2013)
  • resources and sources of project knowledge (2013), etc.