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About the Department : About the Department – Department of Project Management | Warsaw School of Economics

 About Project Management Department

The issues of project management became objects of academic and didactic activity at the Department of Management in Economy at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in the early years of XXI century, owing to the work of a team under the direction of Prof. M. Trocki. In 2003 Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne (Polish Economic Publishing House) published one of the first in Poland monographs: Project Management written by M. Trocki, B. Grucza and K. Ogonek. The book has gained great popularity and recognition on the publishing market and in 2006 was translated into Russian. In 2004 Difin Publishing House published a monograph Project Team Management written by P. Wachowiak, S. Gregorczyk, B. Grucza and K. Ogonek. In 2007, as a result of team effort, a book European Project Management, edited by M. Trocki and B. Grucza, was published by PWE (Polish Economic Publishing House). Apart from that, many articles were published in professional journals, many collective works contained chapters devoted to the topic of project management, and numerous speeches concerning this subject were given during scientific and professional conferences.

In 2005, as a result of intensive development of the area of project management, a SGH Project Management Institute under the direction of Prof. Michał Trocki was formed. It functioned within the Department of Management in the Economy. In 2007 the Senate of Warsaw School of Economics made a decision of transforming the Institute into the Project Management Department functioning as a part of Collegium of Management and Finance of SGH. Prof. Michał Trocki was designated for the post of the Department Director.

The Project Management Department has been involved in the academic activity from the following areas:
  • Project Portfolio Management,
  • Programme Management,
  • Project Management,
  • Process and Project Organization,
  • Process and Project Maturity,
  • Project and Task Force Management,
  • Project Knowledge Management,European Project Management,
  • Process Management,
  • Change Management.
These issues have been developed using academic, didactic and professional approach.

Academic development
The Department organizes an Academic Seminar of Project Management whose aim is to integrate and develop professional and academic knowledge from project management and other related sciences. In the Seminar participate researchers, doctoral students and students interested in the academic issues of project management and related sciences, as well as practitioners. During the Seminar different professional and academic problems, conceptions and outcomes of research studies, habilitation and Ph.D. dissertations and most interesting Master’s thesis from the field of project management are presented and discussed.

Ph.D. programmes from the field of project management are realized under the supervision of Prof. Michał Trocki. As yet the following Ph.D. dissertations from the field of project management were written and defended:
  • Impact of project management on an enterprise value creation (Ph.D. E. Sońta-Drączkowska) 2007
  • Identification of the key success factors in consulting project management (Ph.D. P. Grząbka) 2007
  • Problems with European project definition, based on an example of EQUAL Community Initiative (Ph.D. B. Grucza) 2008
  • Use of knowledge management methods in project implementation (Ph.D. P. Wyrozębski) 2010
  • Project maturity of organizations in Poland (Ph.D. M. Juchniewicz) 2011
  • Background of public-private partnership projects in Poland (Ph.D. K. Wąsowski) 2012
  • Communication in project management (Ph.D. K. Kandefer-Winter) 2013
Other Ph.D. dissertations are being prepared for the defense process.