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Management : Management – Department of Project Management | Warsaw School of Economics

 Head of Project Management Department

Since the inception of the Project Management Department the role of its Head is held by Professor Michał TROCKI.
Prof. Michał Trocki graduated from the faculty of Industrial Management at Warsaw University of Technology. Employed at Warsaw School of Economics since 1996, specializes in areas of project management, process management and capital group management. His academic, publishing, didactic and consulting activity focuses on these domains. Held posts of: Advisor to the Ministry of Finance, president of the second National Investment Fund; chief specialist in Biuro Organizacji i Zarządzania Dyrekcji Spółki TP S.A. (Organization and Management Office of TP S.A. Board), chief specialist in Biuro Rozwoju i Organizacji PZU S.A. (Development and Organization Office of PZU S.A.), and others.