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The staff of the Institute of Accounting offer to conduct courses in a number of programmes offered by the Warsaw School of Economics. These courses are conducted in the Bachelor's as well as Master's Studies, in Polish as well as in English.  

The proposals made by our Institute staff include courses conducted primarily in the field of study of Finance and Accounting, with specialisation in Accounting.  

Additionally, in our didactic offer there are courses from the fields of study of International Economics, Economics, Management as well as Tourism and Recreation.    

Teaching in English is conducted in the fields of study of Management and International Economics. 

The aforementioned fields of study include basic courses ( Accounting), majors (for example Financial Accounting, Financial Accounting and Reporting, International Accounting, Cost Accounting and Managerial Accounting) and other from the list of courses related to the field of study (for example National Reporting Standards, Financial Accounting Laboratory, International Accounting, Basic Cost Accounting, Accounting in State Budget Entities, Financial Reports Analysis, Accounting in Insurance companies).

Furthermore, our independent research workers conduct courses within doctoral studies. All of us are involved in the organisation and teaching at postgraduate studies. 

ACCA offer
The Institute staff cooperate closely with the ACCA. It is pursued in many areas, though teaching is the most important area. 

The ACCA prestigious qualification has been available for years for the SGH students. Thanks to the accreditation by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Bachelor and Master students in the field of study of Finance and Accounting (conducted in both Polish and English) have a unique possibility of beginning the qualification already in the course of studies and being exempt from the ACCA examinations. 

Thanks to the cooperation of the Institute of Accounting with ACCA in 2016 the Warsaw School of Economics hosted the Round Table of the Academic Community with participation of the whole ACCA Board (8 members) and 20-25 leading research workers and lecturers who cooperate with ACCA in Poland. The meeting was aimed at the discussion about the future of the financial and accounting professions  and teaching process challenges.

CIMA offer
The SGH Institute of Accounting is a pioneer in cooperation with the CIMA in the area of teaching. It is here where, thanks to the involvement of the Institute Director, the solutions in the area of accreditation of study programmes were born. At present they mark the standard for other Polish universities.   
CIMA as an institute dealing with teaching professionals in the field of finance management offers an international programme of professional qualifications in managerial accounting. Thanks to the teaching programme accreditation at SGH our present and future students can graduate from university with additional  qualifications which are highly appreciated on the labour market:
  • Certificate in Business Accounting (CBA – in the first cycle of studies),  
  • Diploma in Managerial  Accounting (DMA – in the second cycle of studies)
  • Advanced Diploma in Managerial Accounting (ADMA – in the second cycle of studies).
Thanks to the cooperation between the Institute of Accounting and CIMA, the Warsaw School of Economics was granted a prestigious award in 2015 in the category of  Best University-Business Cooperation of the Year, and since then it has been receiving the representatives of the highest CIMA authorities to determine new directions and areas of cooperation.