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The teaching of accounting in the Warsaw School of Economics dates back to the August Zieliński Private Commercial Courses in 1906. However, for a number of years, as Professor Stanisław Skrzywan used to say, accounting was treated as a practical skill in the area of commercial sciences. Therefore, no organisational framework of university departments was created, even when in the 1920s the School was granted the rights of academic university.  

A numerous team (the Department employed about 40 people) was headed by an outstanding scholar professor Stanisław Skrzywan, who was in this position all the time till his death in 1971. Afterwards the management of the Department was taken over by prof. Jan Matuszewicz. He continued the didactic and research work within the structure of the Department and direction charted by its founder.  

In the 1973/74 academic year the University authorities decided to establish the Institute of Data Processing and Accounting as a result of the merger of the Department of Accounting and the Department of Data Processing. The position of the director of the newly founded institute was given to prof. Tadeusz Peche. The Professor died on 8 February 1989, and prof. Maria Gmytrasiewicz was appointed director of the Institute.  

In 1991 the Institute of Data Processing and Accounting was divided into two departments: the Department of Accounting and Department of Information Systems. The position of the head of the Department of Accounting was held till 2012 by prof.  Maria Gmytrasiewicz.

From 1 October 2012 till 1 February 2015 prof.  Anna Karmańska was the head of the Department of Accounting. 
On 2 February 2015 following Rector's Order no.9 of 2 February 2015 the Department of Accounting was transformed into the Institute of Accounting. 

On 1 March 2015 prof. Anna Karmańska was appointed Director of the Institute of Accounting. ​


​​Stanislaw Skrzywan.jpg
Prof. Stanisław Skrzywan
1902 – 1971

Tadeusz Peche.jpg
Prof.  Tadeusz Peche