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The Institute of Accounting is a scientific and research entity within the structure of the Collegium of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. It was established by Rector's Order of 2 February 2015 to replace the Department of Accounting. 

The Institute of Accounting is divided into three units:
  • The Financial Accounting Unit headed currently by Katarzyna Bareja, PhD,
  • The Information Technology Accounting Unit headed currently by Katarzyna Klimaczak, PhD,
  • The Managerial Accounting Unit headed currently by Magdalena Giedroyć, PhD.
In this organisational structure the Institute staff are involved in the teaching process of the whole University, including the ACCA and CIMA accreditation programmes as well as subsequent editions of Postgraduate Studies.

At the Institute there are also positions of:
  • Coordinator of the SGH-CIMA programmes, 
  • Coordinator of the ACCA programme,
  • Supervisor of the field of study of  Finance & Accounting,
  • Coordinator of the basic course of Accounting,
  • Rector's proxy for contacts with the National Chamber of Chartered Accountants.
The appropriate implementation of tasks entrusted to the Institute staff is supervised by Director of the Institute of Accounting prof. Anna Karmańska.