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The research and teaching of the Financial Accounting Unit oscillate around the following issues:
  • financial accounting of capital groups and entities,
  • accounting of banks, investment funds, pension funds, old pension funds, brokers' houses and cooperative savings  and credit unions,
  • financial accounting of selected entities of the public finance sector,
  • reporting on human capital, reporting on intellectual capital, CSR reports, integrated reports,
  • accounting in the international and global dimensions, accounting harmonisation and standardisation processes,
  • the problems of valuation and performance measurement in accounting,
  • usefulness of reporting information in different entities,
  • financial report analysis, independence and ethics of chartered accountants,
  • notification of financial reports analysis and the use of analysis results in decision making,
  • history of practice, theory and standardisation of accounting.
The information on the current research conducted by the staff of the Financial Accounting Unit is to be found in the bookmark of the Institute of Accounting/ Research​.