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 International Scientific Conference Euro-Trans 2021

​​The Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility SGH Warsaw School of Economics
The Institute of Management of the University of Szczecin
The Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk

are pleased to invite you to 

the International Scientific Conference Euro-Trans 2021
"Green Finance for Brownfield Transport Sector Transformation”
2021_eurotrans2016 logo.png
held on 20-21 September 2021 
in a hybrid form i.e. at SGH Warsaw School of Economics and on-line.

 The purpose and theme of the conference

For years, the International Scientific Conference Euro-Trans has been connecting the academic and business communities to exchange the latest knowledge, share scientific and research achievements, and innovative solutions implemented in the field of transport. This year, presentations and discussion panels will be devoted to the subject of "Green Finance for Brownfield Transport Sector Transformation".

The premise for starting a discussion in this area is the fact that the transport sector is undergoing transformation, guided by the European strategy and national public policies implemented on an international scale and in line with top megatrends, key of which are digitalization and increasing circularity in manufacturing and consumption. This includes the reduction of the carbon footprint of energy production and use. On the EU level, these megatrends are supported by the "European Green Deal" strategy for which “Green Finance”  is an important implementation tool that plays a vital role in shaping a new financing framework for the transformation of the transport sector.

 Program Board

Prof. Wojciech Paprocki, PhD, Dsc, Chairman of Scientific Committee, SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Monika Bąk, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Assoc. Prof. Przemysław Borkowski, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Prof. Stane Bozicnik, PhD, Dsc., University of Maribor, Slovenia
Prof. Jan Burnewicz, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Prof. Wojciech Cellary, PhD, Dsc., UE in Poznań 
Assoc. Prof. Joanna Cygler, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Wojciech Drożdż, PhD, Dsc.,  US 
Prof. Günter Emberger, Ph.D. Dsc., Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Assoc. Prof. Bartosz Grucza, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Krzysztof Grzelec, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Prof. Laurent Guihéry, PhD, Dsc., CY Cergy Paris Université, France 
Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Kachniewska, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Arkadiusz Kawa, PhD, Dsc., Łukasiewicz - ILiM 
Assoc. Prof. Tomasz Kwarciński, PhD, Dsc., US 
Prof. Bogusław Liberadzki, PhD, Dsc., SGH
Assoc. Prof. Kamil Liberadzki, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Marcin Liberadzki, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Prof. Elżbieta Marciszewska PhD, Dsc., SGH
Assoc. Prof. Anna Mężyk, PhD, Dsc., UTH 
Prof. Piotr Niedzielski, PhD, Dsc., US 
Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Nowicka, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Barbara Pawłowska, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Prof. Józef Perenc, PhD, Dsc., US
Prof. Alexander Pflaum, PhD, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Fraunhofer IIS, Germany 
Assoc. Prof. Jana Pieriegud, PhD, Dsc., SGH 
Assoc. Prof. Michał Pluciński, PhD, Dsc., US 
Prof. Oliviero Roggi, PhD, Dsc., University of Florence, Italy 
Prof. Danuta Rucińska, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Prof. Wim Schoutens, PhD, Dsc., University of Leuven, Belgium 
Assoc. Prof. Dariusz Tłoczyński, PhD, Dsc.,  UG 
Prof. Krystyna Wojewódzka-Król, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Assoc. Prof. Marcin Wołek, PhD, Dsc., UG 
Prof. Olgierd Wyszomirski, PhD, Dsc., UG
Prof. Elżbieta Załoga, PhD, Dsc., US
Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Zioło, PhD, Dsc., US

 Organizational committee

Marzenna Cichosz, PhD, Chairwoman of Organizational Committee, SGH 
Jakub Dowejko, US
Agnieszka Gozdek, PhD, US 
Aleksander Jagiełło, PhD, UG
Dorota Książkiewicz, PhD, UG
Katarzyna Uljasz-Rawa, SGH 
Michał Wolański, PhD, SGH
Paweł Zagrajek, PhD, SGH 
Jakub Zawieska, PhD, SGH

 Conference Patrons

logo US_02.png


 Conference Office

​​​The Instite of Infrastructure, Transport, and Mobility SGH
al. Niepodległości 162
02-554 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 5647314

 Hybrid Conference


SGH in Warsaw 
al. Niepodległości 128 bud. C 
Auditorium I (at the mezzanine floor)





 List of sessions


 Registration and Conference fees

To register please click the button that will transfer you to the registration system.
​​ ​Registration before 31.07.2021  ​​ ​Registration from 1.08.2021 
​Online ​ ​Two-day package ​30 EUR ​50 EUR
​On-site  ​Two-day package ​​ ​100 EUR ​​125 EUR
There are the same prices for academia and business.
The cost of participation does not include the cost of the gala dinner on the first day.​

Conference fee in EUR could be also transferred to SGH account no. ​03 1240 1040 1978 0010 5571 0234  
with participant's name and info "Euro-Trans 2021". 
Account name and address:
SGH Warsaw School of Economics
al. Niepodległości 162
02-554 Warsaw


 Active participation in the conference and publication

​We kindly invite the community of scientists and doctoral students from Poland and abroad to submit proposals for their presentations or posters. Representatives of business, public authorities, and non-governmental organizations are invited to submit their speeches in the area of obtained or planned results of cooperation between the practice and the academia. Applications in English, which should include:
  • title of the speech
  • abstract of the presentation (poster) up to 500 characters
  • short biography of the author/authors
can be submitted to  by April 30th, 2021
Once approved by the Scientific Committee the submissions will be allocated to individual plenary and thematic sessions.

Please note that there is a possibility to publish an article in the journal of the University of Gdansk "International Business and Global Economy". If the manuscript is delivered by the end of May 2021, the paper - after receiving two positive blind reviews - will be published by the end of 2021.​