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 History of the Department

The Department of Transport was established in 1965, when the authorities of the Faculty of Internal Commerce of the then SGPiS found it necessary to train specialists in the field of transport. The organizer and the first head of the Department of Transport was prof. Marian Madeyski, Ph.D., at the same time the director of the Motor Transport Institute (ITS) in Warsaw. Thanks to the position of professor Marian Madeyski the Department quickly gained a significant position in the academic community dealing not only with teaching in the field of transport, but also in research.
The second head of the Department of Transport was prof. Romuald Bauer, Ph.D.. In the years 1999-2001 the Department was headed by prof. Janusz Ostaszewski.
2002-2018, the head of the Department is prof. Bogusław Liberadzki, Ph.D. - former Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy (1993-1997), currently a Member of the European Parliament.​

since 2018, the head of the Department of Transport is ​prof. Wojciech Paprocki, Ph.D.
There are two units within the Department of Transport:
  • Transport Theory and Policy Unit (head: prof. Elżbieta Marciszewska, Ph.D.)
  • Transport Enterprise Economics Unit (head: prof. Wojciech Paprocki, Ph.D.).​​​​

 Research Profile

The Department of Transport SGH is one of the leading Polish and European centers dealing with transport. The employees of the Department of Transport conduct scientific research participating in national and international research teams. Research include:
  • Transport policy
  • Development of transport and energy infrastructur
  • Transport and logistics markets and their competitveness (liberalization, deregulation, demonopolization)
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Technology in transport, logistics and supply chain management.