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 Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility


The Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility includes two Departments:


1. The Department of Infrastructure and Mobility Studies

2. The Department of Business in Transport


The head of the Department of Infrastructure and Mobility Studies is is Professor Bartosz Grucza, PhD. The employees of the Department focus their research on technological and economic aspects of the development of network infrastructure (transport, electricity, telecommunications) for the implementation of modern mobility concepts, such as: 

·       electro-mobility,

·       intelligent mobility, 

·       mobility on demand, 

·       mobility as a service.


The head of the  Department of Business in Transport is s Professor Wojciech Paprocki, PhD.​​

The research conducted by the Department’s academics is focused on:

·       the transport policy of Poland and the European Union,

·       the development of transport infrastructure,

·       the market for transport services,

·       liberalisation, deregulation, demonopolisation and consolidation in various modes of transport,

·       benchmarking in transport,

·       air transport business business,

·       air cargo,

·       evolution of the air transport market.