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Skład osobowy : horacy_debowski_konferencje
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 mgr horacy dębowski. konferencje


2018, Debowski, H., Reegard, K., Exit, voice or loyalty? VET stakeholders’ responses to large scale skills emigration from and immigration into Poland, European Educational Research Association Conference, Bolzano, Italy.

2018, Debowski, H., Reegard, K.,When all go west: Vocational education policy and employer responses to mass skills emigration in Poland. Nordic Work Life Conference (NWLC 2018), Norway.

2017, Murphy, A., Debowski, H., Is Higher Education Ambivalent Towards Inclusion of Non-Formal Qualifications in National Qualifications Frameworks (NQFs)?. The Future of Higher Education, Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference, Bucharest, Romania.

2014, Debowski, H., Chloń-Domińczak, A., Sławiński, S., Modernising Qualifications System in Poland. The Role of the National Qualifications Framework. 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), Seville, Spain. 

2014, Debowski, H., Stechly, W. Implementing ECVET principles reforming Polish VET through the introduction of learning outcomes based curriculum and assessment, 30th Annual IVETA International Conference, International Vocational Education and Training Association, Helsinki, Finland.


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