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 Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology


The Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology On the List of Refereed Journals.

Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology is on the List of Refereed Journals - 20 points.

From Introduction to Vol. 1 No 1 (2010)

Welcome to the first issue of the Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology, a new journal published by the Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa, or SGH).
Our aim is to become a wide-ranging discussion forum for scholars interested in theoretical and empirical issues in socio-economic studies, with a particular emphasis on questions related to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
We certainly acknowledge the numerous, valuable scholarly publications in global circulation dealing with socio-economics in the CEE countries. But these are spread out over various periodicals, none of which is based on an approach such as we envisage. Our approach combines the two dimensions, regional and thematic. Our aim is to investigate socio-economic issues in Central and Eastern Europe.
The Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology welcomes contributions dealing with socio-economic issues broadly defined. We see the journal as an academic platform where scholars of various social science disciplines engage in debate with the aim of establishing interdisciplinary connections, stimulating new and variegated research that closes gaps among separate academic departments. We seek articles that focus on theoretical and empirical aspects of socio-economic transformations and current socio-economic reality.   We encourage prospective authors to contact our editors and to send us your work (wfes@sgh.waw.pl). Let our journey begin.


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In circulation since 2010, Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology (WFES) is a peer-reviewed journal aiming at stimulating the academic debate in the field of socio-economics and economic sociology, with emphasis on respective developments in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) but not limiting its horizons to that particular geographical region only. Included in the official list of journals by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, it has published contributions by a wide range of international academics (see: the Archives/Past Issues), and is open to cooperation with all prospective authors interested in making submissions situated in the thematic scope of the journal. 


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ISSN 2081-9633