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Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology : Instructions for Reviewers
Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology

 Instructions for Reviewers

​​All papers submitted to Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology (WFES), which meet conditions set in the „Instructions for Authors” are subject to double-blind review (identities of the author and the reviewers are not revealed to the other party) by two reviewers acting independently. The reviewing criteria, according to which any paper is evaluated are available at the journal website (in English and Polish version). 

Reviewers assess paper using the reviewer form provided by WFES, in each case the review ends with recommendation:


A. Acceptance – the paper can be published as it is, no changes/corrections needed.


B. Conditional acceptance – the paper may be considered for publication after the author replies to the reviewer (addressing specifically their comments, in particular, recommended changes/corrections), and the reviewer, subsequently, assesses the reply as satisfactory.


. Rejection – the paper should not be published.


The review is subsequently sent to authors with no personal data of reviewers included, and accompanied by the recommendation, that is:


A. Acceptance


B. Conditional acceptance


C. Rejection

By the end of each year, the list of reviewers will be published on the WFES website.



 Paper submission procedure