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Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology : Regulations
Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology


​1. „Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology” journal is published on semi-annual basis.

2. The thematic scope of the journal is decided upon six months in advance and is focused on socio-economic issues.

3. All papers to be published must be written in English and be accompanied by abstract and keywords.

4. The reference version of the journal is the paper copy, on the journal website, there isan online version of each edition posted accessible in the Open Access mode.

5. Papers should be sent by e-mail to wfes@sgh.waw.pl with an abstract and e-mail address of the author.

6. The journal is refereed in the: BazEkon, Index Copernicus.

7. In case of discovering any incident of „ghostwriting” and/or „guest authorship”, relevantinformation will be posted on the journal website.

8. Each author is required to provide written statement regarding ethical and copyrightmatters concerning the paper to be published, the form will be sent to each author and isexpected to be returned (either as a paper copy or scanned document) prior to publication.

9. Any case of unethical conduct on part of authors discovered by the editors in course of paper submission process will be recorded, and relevant third parties, including the institutions and organisations employing the authors, and academic and professional associations of which the authors hold membership etc. will be notified.

10. Editorial requirements are available at the journal website (Instruction for Authors).

11. The journal editors reserve the right to refuse publication of a paper with no reasonsrevealed to the author.

12. Authors do not receive any financial gratification for their work published in WFES.

13. Non-commercial use of the articles available at the journal website  is allowed.

14. Author grants publisher a license to use the article in the fields of exploitation mutually agreed by and between the parties.

15. The papers are published in the Open Access mode, with specific data identifying the author and the source (author’s name, title of the paper, year, volume and edition of the journal) provided.

16. The papers published in the Open Access mode (see: item 16 above) can be used by third parties e.g. libraries, academic institutions for non-commercial reasons.