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Konferencja projektu IGS TRACK-VET w Bratysławie, 23.10.2019

2019-09-22 kategoria: konferencja 

TRACK-VET Project Conference:

"Developing, assessing and validating transversal key competencesin the formal initial and continuingvocational education and training-the experiences and solutions of 6 European countries"

Bratislava, 23 October 2019


The aim of the conference is to present and discuss solutions regarding the development, assessment and validation of transversal key competences within the formal initial and continuing vocational education and training (IVET and CVET) sectors in six European countries: Austria, France, Latvia, Poland, Norway and Slovakia.

Conference Agenda (final version 21.10.2019)

The conference registration is now open on https://forms.gle/AM9RwYGg3y2hBRji9