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Katedra Ubezpieczenia Społecznego : Visegrad grant project
KES - Katedra Ubezpieczenia Społecznego

 Visegrad grant project







Warsaw School of Economics

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla ​Academy (NaUKMA)​


Prague University of Economics and Business

University of Debrecen

Research project:

Access to healthcare services in the context of financing mechanisms.

The case of ophthalmology​

Aim and scope

Cataract and glaucoma are one of the main causes of blindness across the region. This proposal is outstanding in methodology and focuses on a curable disease, with high potential on health status improvement.

The value proposition is the collection of good practices on how to balance access to ophthalmology services and public system financing. The project leverages international cooperation to deliver recommendations that could be used to address challenges in the Visegrad countries and Ukraine.

The experience established on this project would allow for further investigations in this field (reimbursement methods and incentives systems), especially for building a projection model for optimal financing and service delivery systems. Results of the project allow applying new approaches to the optimal financing and service delivery systems in country-participants in the regional context, as well as changes of methodology for service delivery analyses in other nosologies


          Warsaw School of Economics (project leader)

Team members: dr hab. Barbara Więckowska (principal investigator); prof. Marek Rekas (national consultant for ophthalmology), mgr Katarzyna Byszek

 and the following partners:

The School of Public Health is a renowned research and academic institution. The project members have experience in projects related to the financing of the health care system in Ukraine and preparing recommendations for changes in the legislation, selection of pilot health facilities for the implementation of the DRG system, development of methodological recommendations for the establishment of diagnostic-related groups and the definition of costs of medical services on their basis.
Team members: prof. Tetiana Yurochko; prof. Maryna Shevchenko; Olena Skrypnikova, PhD candidate.

​The University of Economics in Prague has a specialized Institute for healthcare services management, which is based on Faculty management. Researchers from this Institute were responsible in the past for several international projects in healthcare (Hass Passport, Quality). Also today, they are actively participating in 3-years research project aimed at Economic burden of Alzheimer disease in Czech Republic.
Team members: Peter Pažitný, MSc, PhD; and Daniela Kandilaki, PhD; Kristina Randlova and Zuzana Rajdlova (PhD candidates)

University of Debrecen Faculty of Public Health was one of the first healthcare institutions that established and operated a complex performance and financing controlling system. Team member - Csaba Dózsa, PhD, MSc personally has been involved into the development and deep analysis of HUN DRGs system since 1993.


Calendar of events:

September 22nd – kick-off planning

November 1st, 2021 – the beginning of the project

By April 30, 2022 - The database with the description on financing mechanisms and statistics in ophthalmology in each country

​May - August 2022 - in-depth interviews with experts from each country

By April 30, 2023 – The summary report on good practices

April 30, 2023 - the end of the project

The project is financed through Visegrad Grants from the International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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