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 Taiwan-EU Studies Center

The TEUSC is an innovative and interdisciplinary centre of excellence at the Collegium of Socio-Economics, Warsaw School of Economics.


The TEUSC is a project aimed at strengthening knowledge about contemporary Taiwan business and politics. Its mission is to: 

  • enhance knowledge concerning Taiwan in the EU, particularly in the economic, political, development, social and cultural dimension;
  • strengthen mutual relations and gradually developing a closer partnership between the EU and Taiwan, based on common values, interests and responsibilities;
  • provide outstanding, interdisciplinary and highly specialized education, designed for students. It will ensure active and professional participation of governments and private institutions from Taiwan and the EU. The Centre will promote interdisciplinary methods in research and studies regarding Taiwan;
  • be a platform for cooperation between European and Taiwanese Scholars, business elites entrepreneurs, NGOs, public administration, media;
​Main Activities:
  • Launching a series of seminars for students in Contemporary Taiwan and South-East Asia Business and Politics (taught in English) using an interdisciplinary curriculum. The Seminars will address the needs of young people interested in contemporary Taiwan and South-Eastern Asia, enabling them to acquire innovative knowledge in this regard. The study programme will also stress practical skills of future graduates that will allow them to find employment in prominent government institutions and the business sector;
  • Creating an academic network. The existence of a dynamic research network dedicated to the problems and challenges of Taiwan and South-East Asia and promoting the European perspective on issues regarding Taiwan will be the major goals of the TEUSC.
  • Developing research projects on Taiwan and EU. The Centre will focus on: political economy, sustainable development and governance, foreign and security policy, democracy and human rights, EU-Taiwan relations, culture and the media;
  • Dissemination of knowledge. For that purpose the TEUSC will prepare an internet platform designed to present the publications translated into the English language and in the languages of all countries involved.
  • Creating of a multi-sectoral network/coalition. The Centre will organize professional workshops, designed for the needs of specific groups, such as businessmen, public administration, government and media representatives. The establishment of the Centre will definitely contribute to strengthening ties between EU and Taiwan, including businessmen from both sides. 
Examples of TEUSC Activities:
  • Organization of series of seminars on Double Taxation issues in Taiwan-Polish relations with participation of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Warsaw (2015)
  • Preparation of Joint Publication on Common Transformation Experiences in Taiwan and in Poland by Scholars Representing Collegium of Socio-Economics, Warsaw, and  Soochow University, Taipei (planned publication 2015)
  • Chinese Language Courses (academic year 2013/2014 summer semester, academic year 2014/2015 winter semester)
  • Organization of the Lecture of Director General of Warsaw Trade Office in Taipei at the Warsaw School of Economics (Apr. 16, 2013)
  • Organization of ICDF Alumni Meeting (Nov. 23, 2012)w Trade Office in Taipei at the Warsaw School of Economics (Apr. 16, 2013) Organization of ICDF Alumni Meeting (Nov. 23, 2012)



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