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Jean Monnet International Conference EU4AFRI

2022-04-08 kategoria: konferencja 

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the Jean Monnet International Conference
“The European Union Multidimensional Strategy for Tackling Africa’s Challenges” which will be held on 11th May 2022.


This Conference is organised within the EU4AFRI Project/Jean Monnet Module on The European Union Multidimensional Strategy for Tackling Africa’s Challenges (EU4AFRI) (https://eu4afri.eu/en).


The main aim of the Conference is to promote and disseminate the results of the EU4AFRI project, both scientific and educational, dedicated to the EU’s role in the system of international organisations tackling the key Africa's challenges.


The discussions and debates will touch on the following issues:


·         the role of the EU in shaping the future of EU-Africa relations in the face of the new circumstances resulting from new paradigm of its mutual relations (partnership);

·         the commitment of international organisations such UN System, Regional Development Banks, OECD, NATO, INTERPOL, etc. into solving Africa’s problems;

·         the development assistance, its effectiveness and the future of this form of cooperation;

·         innovative methods of both learning about and solving Africa's challenges(Design Thinking).


Important dates:


·    22nd April 2022 – submission of propositions of presentations’ topics (via e-mails: mprocz@sgh.waw.pl, eosuch@sgh.waw.pl)

·         6th May 2022 – sending full presentations

·         11th May 2022 – ONLINE conference (13.30 – 16.30)



The detailed programme of the Conference and link to the event will be sent after 6th May 2022.


1. Professor Magdalena Proczek, Coordinator of the EU4AFRI Project, mprocz@sgh.waw.pl

2. PhD EwaOsuch-Rak, Technical Coordinator of the EU4AFRI Project, eosuch@sgh.waw.pl