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E-Mail: jwande@sgh.waw.pl
Tel.: + 48 22 564 93 70
         + 48 22 564 93 86


Jürgen Wandel is professor of economics at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. He is the head of the Chair of the German Economy at World Economy Research Institute of SGH and director of the Polish-German Academic Forum which organizes the German-speaking studying program “Management of Polish-German Business Relations” at SGH in cooperation with the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

He has working experience as senior researcher and university lecturer in economics in Germany, CIS countries and Poland as well as representative of the DAAD in Kazakhstan and Poland.

His research interests are institutional change and economic development in emerging markets, in particular post-communist transition countries as well as in Germany, Polish-German economic relations, economic systems, competition theory and policy, Institutional Economics, Public Choice and the Austrian School of Economic Thought.

His teaching includes among others Microeconomics, European Integration, International Economics, History of Economic Thought and Economic Ethics.