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 dr Marek Dietl

mdietl.jpgStanowisko na SGH: Adiunkt
Adres e-mail: mdietl(at)sgh.waw.pl

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Dr. Marek Dietl joined Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) as part-time researcher in 2008 and he was nominated to an assistant professor in 2012. He was a visiting fellow at the University of Essex (UK) in the years 2012-13. Marek earned his MA in Economics at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and his PhD at the Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences. During his PhD studies he was a junior fellow at the University of Glasgow.

Marek has been involved in numerous research projects including:

1.     R&D Cartels (additional information is available [here]);

2.     Private companies defaults (more information is [here]);

3.     IP Commercialization (granted by National Centre for Research & Development);

4.     Patent thickets (details are [here]);

5.     Hidden Champions in different geographies (North Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Poland).

Marek’s text published by Harvard Business Review (Polish edition) “Higher profits through margin focused incentive” (Wyższe zyski dzięki systemowi motywacyjnemu zorientowanemu na obronę marż) was awarded with:

1.     Editor’s choice for best article in the years 2003-2006;

2.     Readers’ choice for best article in Sales & Marketing published in the years 2003 – 2008.