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Konferencje i seminaria : Human Capital Management for Leaders
KNoP - Katedra Rozwoju Kapitału Ludzkiego - Konferencje i seminaria

 Human Capital Management for Leaders

The Collegium of Business Administration
Institute of Human Capital
Invites for
an Open Class with Special Guests
Human Capital Management for Leaders
23rd of November 2016, 9.50 – 13.20 Main Building G, AULA IV ( level 1) Al.Niepodległości 162, Warsaw

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Our Special Guests:

Joanna Fierla, AON Hewitt

How do companies succeed in making employees happy with pay? :: 9:50-10:20::
 Joanna Fierla-Jakubowicz is a business consultant at Aon Hewitt. She supports companies from various sectors in building motivating and engaging workplaces. She specializes in building pay policies, bonus systems and advises how to improve employee satisfaction with existing total compensation offer. She provides training and coaching sessions to managers.

Peter Strupp, United Business Development S.A.

Leadership Behaviors and the High-Performance Organization
:: 10:20-10:50::
 Peter Strupp is an American entrepreneur based in Warsaw, Poland. He has developed several high growth companies and is currently President of United Business Development S.A., an organizational development consulting group. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School OPM program.

Magdalena Kamińska, Rafał Jatczak, Gi Group

Talent on the job market. How do you find a job you are dreaming of? :: 10:50-11:20:: Magdalena Kamińska
 - Recruitment Manager with 8-year experience specialising in recruitment process management for Polish and international organizations across the finance, banking and IT sector. She graduated in majors: International Business and Management and HR Business Partner.
 Rafał Jatczak
 - Team Leader, HR Expert, HR Trainer and HR Blogger. Experienced in recruitment and business consulting. He earns Master's degree in Economics in major Management in Education and Consulting.

Discussion: 11:20-11:40

Marcjanna Przychocka, Independent Professional - coach, AC assessor, trainer. Above all - psychologist

Not Good Enough? Great! How to Turn Poor AC or 360 Results into a Really Intelligent Stimulus for Growth :: 11:40-12:10 :: Since year 2000, Marcjanna has worked with managers of all ranks in organizations. Coaching, Assessment Centre and 360 Degree Feedback are her main areas of activity. Cooperated with over 50 organizations as an associate of companies that specialize in consulting, AC and training.

Krzysztof Sroczyński, Brainwire Systems

The brain and organisational culture :: 12:10-12:40 ::
Krzysztof Sroczyński is a business consultant, coach and trainer with experience on the UK, US and Polish market. He has worked with many international and polish companies. For twelve years Mr. Sroczynski was a certified lecturer of Harvard Bussiness Review Poland, and Allbridge consulting firm (part of Door International). He is a member of the Neuro Leadership Institute and he is a Certified Trainer and coach of the Academy of Brain Based Leadership. His speeches addresses mainly on the subject of the latest research into the human brain and how this affects leadership behavior. Currently Managing Director - Brainwire Systems specializing in the neuroscience of leadership.

Jacek Jaczyński, Lotte Wedel

Recruit or Develop first line managers - that is the question! ::12:40-13:10
 Jacek Jaczynski has over 20 years of experience in human resources management. He started his career as a business consultant developing and implementing different human resources systems like job evaluation, compensation and benefits, performance management. For last 12 years he plays managerial roles in human resources departments in various international companies. Currently he is a Human Resources Director and Board Member of Lotte Wedel, leading confectionary producer in Poland.

Discussion: 13:10-13:30