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Publikacje : prof Włodzimierz Szpringer_Publikacje w jezyku angielskim
KNoP - Katedra Prawa Administracyjnego i Finansów Przedsiębiorstwa - Kwartalnik Edukacja Ekonomistów i Menedżerów

 PUBLICATIONS: prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Szpringer


Prof. Dr. Włodzimierz Szpringer – Full Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics (College of Business Administration) and at the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Management). Chairholder (Chair of Public Economic Law at the WSE).  Lecturer and expert in banking and banking law, competition policy and law, legal and economic issues in e-business, IPR and technology law, Law&Economics  and regulatory impact assessment.

PUBLICATIONS (selection):

  • The European System of Financial Supervision – Regulatory Impact Assessment „Journal of Banking and Financial Economics” Vol.8, No.2/2017
    (co-author: M. Szpringer)
  • Fintech – are start-ups serious competitors for banks? Center of Financial Market Research ALTERUM, WIB, Warszawa, marzec, 2017
  • Fin-Tech – the New Phenomena on the Financial Market “e-Mentor” Nr 2/2016, http://www.e-mentor.edu.pl/artykul/index/numer/64/id/1240  
  • Regulation and compliance on technology markets  „Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie – Skłodowska Sectio H Oeconomia” Nr 50 (2) 2016 http://journals.umcs.pl/h/article/view/2583
  • Financial Market as the Element of New Strategic Thinking in: Tools in Business Management. Towards a New Strategic Thinking (M. Poniatowska-Jaksch Ed.), Publishing House of the WSE, Warsaw, 2016
  • Law nad Economics of Central Counterparties  CCP) – Selected Isuues of Regulation and Competition Concerning Financial Market Infrastructure “European Business Law Review” Vol.27 issue 5/2016 (co-author: Mariusz Szpringer)
  • “Central counterparties from the perspective of economic analysis of law”, (co-author: Mariusz Szpringer), Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie Nr 1/2015, http://przedsiebiorstwo.waw.pl/k_77_344_905.html#  
  • Regulation of the Financial Market Infrastructure from the Perspective of Economic Analysis of Law – the Example of Central Counterparties “Polish Yearbook of Law&Economics” Vol.6/2015 (coauthor: Mariusz Szpringer)
  • “Innnovations in Electronic Cashless Payments  - Directions of Development” (co-author: Mariusz Szpringer), Problemy Zarządzania Nr 3/2015, http://bazekon.icm.edu.pl/bazekon/element/bwmeta1.element.ekon-element-000171404465?q=bwmeta1.element.ekon-element-68b2e17c-521b-326f-b2ad-ce13a28a113d;0&qt=CHILDREN-STATELESS  
  • “Economic Analysis of Regulation on Financial Stability”, Warsaw School of Economics Publishing House, Warsaw, 2015
  • “The Principle of Proportionality. The Breakthrough Concept in Regulatory Impact Assessment” (co-authors: S. Kasiewicz, L. Kurkliński,). Centre for Research and Analysis of Financial System ALTERUM , Polish Banks –Association, Warsaw, 2014
  • “Institutions of Supervision in Financial Sector” Poltext, Warsaw, 2014
  • “Financial Market Regulation and the Principle of Proportionality: The Principle of Proportionality and the Polish Banking Sector” (co-authors: S. Kasiewicz, L. Kurkliński,) Special Report, Centre for Research and Analysis of Financial System ALTERUM ,Polish Banks –Association, Financial Monthly Bank No. 12/2013
  • Two-(multi-)sided Business Models and Competition Law „Internetowy Kwartalnik Antymonopolowy i Regulacyjny” IKAR Nr.1/2013
  • “Transforming Business Models of Electronic Media” (Chapter 3) and “New e-Businesss Models – Institutional Aspects” (Chapter 4) in:
    “Entrepreneurship of New Media. Analysis of the Business Models of Internet Undertakings” (I. Hejduk Ed.), Warsaw School of Economics Publishing House, Warsaw, 2013
  • “Innovative models of e-busines” DIFIN, Warszawa, 2012
    “Open Access Concept as the Base of Digital Platform SYNAT” in: Organizational Solutions of Sustainability of Digital Platform SYNAT  (J. Kisielnicki, M. Gałązka-Sobotka Eds..), DW ELIPSA, Warsaw, 2012
  • “Open Access Concept in the Light of Economic Analysis of IPR” Wolters Kluwer, Warsaw, 2011
  • “Regulation of Competition and Regulatory Competition” Poltext, Warsaw, 2010
  • “Anti-Usury and Consumer Bankruptcy Regulation – a Trade-off? (an Attempt at Regulatory Impact Assessment)” European Business Law Review No 1/2010
  • Success factors of a social enterprise Guide for entrepreneurs, employees of local and state administration, members of non-governmental organizations and all interested parties (co-author: T. Ochinowski), Warsaw Archdiocese of Unemployment and Poor Foundation “HOPE”, Warsaw, 2010
    Narodowa Strategia Spójności Kapitał Ludzki, Priorytet VII Promocja integracji Społecznej, Działanie 7.2 Przeciwdziałanie wykluczeniu i wzmocnienie sektora ekonomii społecznej
  • “The Concept of more economic approach in Competition Law” Ekonomista No. 3/2010
  • “Policy and Regulation of Social Inclusion and Ethics of Finance” Prakseologia No.150/2010
  • “Social Responsibility of Banks. Between Consumer Protection and Social Care” WoltersKluwer, Warsaw, 2009
  • “International Bank Bankruptcies and Banks` Crisis”  (P. Masiukiewicz Ed.), Warsaw School of Economics Publishing House, Warsaw, 2009 (The chapter: Banks~Crisis and State Aid for Banks in the EU)
  • “The Regulatory Impact Assessment” (W. Szpringer, W. Rogowski Eds.) C.H. Beck, Warsaw, 2008
  • “The Impact of Virtual Enterprise on E-Business Models” Warsaw School of Economics Publishing House, Warsaw, 2008
  • „The Legal Environment of Euro-Business” in: „Euro-Business” (Nowakowski M.K. Ed.), Warsaw School of Economics Publishing House, Warsaw, 2008
  • “Access to Content on the Internet” e-Mentor Nr 5/2008
  • „Regulatory Impact Assessment of Implementing the Consumer Credit Directive” BankArchiv (Zeitschrift fűr das Gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen),  März, 2008
  • “Consumer Bankruptcy. World Experiences” Centre of Electronic Communication Research, University of Wrocław, e-Bulletin No.2/2008 http://cbke.prawo.uni.wroc.pl/modules/Publikacje/e-Bulletin/2008_2/Regulacja_upadlosci.pdf  
  • „Regulatory Impact Assessment of Implementing the Modified Consumer Credit Directive” BankArchiv – Zeitschrift fűr das Gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen, 56.Jahrgang, Wien, März, 2008
  • „Improving Financial Literacy: Reconciling Suppliers and Consumers?” Finance&Common Good” (Financial Ethics Review), No.28/29/2007, Observatoire de la Finance, Geneva
  • „Current Account as a Universal Service – Is it an Excessive Interference in the Market for Bank Services?” The Bank Law No.7/8/2007
  • “Customer Loyalty vs. Mobility in Relation to Bank Accounts. Is it a Real Issue on the Background of EU Social Inclusion Process? Bankarchiv – Zeitschrift für das Gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen, 55 Jahrgang, August, 2007
  • „Member Shares in Cooperative Banks – A Permanent Element of Own Funds?” The Bank Law No. 10/2007
  • “Consumer Financial Capability. Institutional Perspective” National Consumer Research Center, Helsinki, Web publication, www.ncrc.fi  
  • „Methodological Problems of the Polish System of Regulation Impact Assessment” ENBR Working Papers No 4/2007 (co-author: Rogowski W.) Web publication, http://www.enbr.org/public/ENBR%20WP%20042007.pdf  
  • “Customer Mobility in Relation to Bank Accounts” Report, DG Internal Market&Services, European Commission, Brussels, Web publication, http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/finservices-retail/docs/baeg/report_en.pdf
  • “Regulation Process and Regulatory Impact Assessment (Examples of Consumer Bankruptcy, Usury Limits, Information Asymmetry, Consumer Protection and Customer Mobility in Relation to Bank Accounts)”  ENBR Working Papers No. 14/2007, Web publication,   http://www.enbr.org/public/ENBR%20WP%20142007.pdf  
  • „Effectiveness of Telecommunications Markets Regulation” (co-author: Piątek S.) in: “Regulation of Telecommunications Markets” Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, 2007
  • „Methodological Problems of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Poland – are there new prospects of Economic Analysis of Law?” in: “Regulatory Impact Assessment – Experiences and Prospects” (Szpringer W., Rogowski W. Ed.), C.H. Beck, Warsaw, 2007
  • „Key Issues of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Competition Law,  Consumer Protection and Electronic Communication” in: “Regulatory Impact Assessment – Experiences and Prospects” (Szpringer W., Rogowski W. Ed.), C.H. Beck, Warsaw, 2007
  • “Consumer Bankruptcy – Regulatory Impact Assessment (Inspirations from World Experiences and Recommendations for Poland). Publishing House CeDeWu, Warsaw, 2006
  • „Consumer Protection on the Consumer Credit Market in Poland – Do Near.-Banks Enter the Second Market – Similar to British Model?” European Business Law Review (2006) No.4
  • “Consumer Bankruptcy Regulations in Different Countries” Banking Bulletin Nr.2/2006
  • “Contract Law in Poland and in the EU” Banking Bulletin Nr.3/2006
  • “Key Challenges for Suppliers of Consumer Finance Services” Banking Bulletin Nr.4/2006
  • “Integrated Financial Supervision Concept in Poland Banking Bulletin Nr.4/2006
  • „Economic Activity on the Internet (from e-commerce to e-business)“ DIFIN, Warsaw, 2005
  • „Consumer Credit and Consumer Bankruptcy on the EU-Single Market” Publishing House ABC, Warsaw, 2005
  • „Consumer Bankruptcy – Concepts and Trends of Regulation” Banking Law Nr. 1/2005
  • „Regulation of Credit Agreeements in EU-Countries and in Poland Banking Bulletin Nr. 1/2005
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  • “Institutional Protection of of Debtors` Rights on the Polish Consumer Finance Market in: “Banking in Poland” (Żukowski M. Ed.), Lublin, 2005 (in Russian)
  • „Banks and Near-Banks on the Polish Consumer Credit Market (Based on the Notion of „Credit Institution”)” Problems of Management Nr. 2/2005
  • „Deep Links, Linking and Framing. Legal Aspects” The Republic 29.03.2005 and Business Puls 9.02.2005
  • “Digital Signature and Consumer Credit” Banking Bulletin Nr. 4/2005
  • „The Common Market Clause Art.3 of the E-Commerce Directive – Laws` Harmonisation or Regulatory Competition?” Banking Bulletin Nr. 10/2005
  • „Distribution in New Economy (between Monopoly and Competition)“ Faculty of Management (University of Warsaw), Warsaw, 2003
  • „European Bank Law“” The Republic 6.July, 2004
  • „Software from the Competition Perspective (Remarks on the Background of Essential Facility Doctrin)“ in: „Informatics as Management Tool in XXI Century“ (Kisielnicki J. Ed.),  Warsaw, 2003
  • „Technological Modernization of Banks` System (Example of Credit Unions)” in:: „The Role and Tasks of Credit Unions in the EU-Accession Process“ International Association of Credit Unions, Warsaw, 24-25.Mai, 2003
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  • „European Bank Law” TWIGGER, Warsaw, 1997 – the Prize of the Foundation of European Law Promotion