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 One-day “Pitching Research” workshop

​​23th March 2016 
SGH Warsaw School of Economics, building C, room 1b

One-Day „Pitching Research” Workshop is a preconference seminar. The 10th International Accounting and Finance Doctoral Symposium will be held at SGH Warsaw School of Economics in June 2017. The Symposium is designed to give its participants, PhD students, a deep insight to the methods how to start scientific research, develop their research strengths and skills. All PhD students are welcomed to sign up to the conference held in 2017.  

Meanwhile …

One-Day „Pitching Research” Workshop is organized at SGH Warsaw School of Economics for the first time. Co-organizers are: Professor George Tanewski (Research Department of Accounting, Deakin Business School, Australia) and Professor Anna Karmańska (Institute of Accounting, Collegium of Management and Finance, SGH Warsaw School of Economics). 

The Workshop is aimed to give the platform for PhD students, who would like to present their work to an international audience. Prominent professors and researchers provide detailed feedback to individual participants on their research. During the workshop a set of presentations, delivered by PhD Students, will be discussed. Presentations should be prepared according to the „pitching template” designed by Professor Robert Faff (University of Queensland) who will attend the event. 

Among guest professors we will also host Professor Allan Hodgson (University of Queensland) and PhD supervisors at WSE, the following professors: Irena Hejduk, Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Anna Karmańska, Adam Śliwiński, Rafał Tuzimek. However the main actors of this event are  PhD students: Ewa Bałdyga, Piotr Fota, Łukasz Kurowski, Piotr Maicki, Katarzyna Petelska, Karol Rogowicz, Astrid Zakrzewska.