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Finance and Accounting - schedule of lecture

2012-10-17 kategoria: informacja 

​Dear Students,

To be sure, that all of you have knowledge about the latest changes in time-table of lectures in this semester, I'm sending to you - find attached - current information about above schedule of lectures.  Please, pay attention also on dates booked on the exams. 

Apart of this, I kindly inform you , as follow:

  1. in short time we will try to equip our library – for your use – in one set of books, which are needed to study of the program,
  2. if you would like to have private books to your own use, you can purchase them directly with the help Katarzyna Babiarz, who is my co-coordinator from the side of Ernst&Young. She knows place, where can buy this books in the lowest price.


Best regards 
prof. dr hab. Anna Karmańska
Tutor of the field of study: Finance and Accounting


Please, see attached file: Time-table for the winter semester 2012/2013​