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Finance and Accounting - Time-table changes

2012-10-10 kategoria: informacja 

​Dear Students,

Please find attached, in separate file, the time-table with the information about correct place (classroom in building C) booked specially for the lecture on December 5th 2012.

Please notice also new date December 21, 2012, for subject 23441. This date is introduced now instead of lecture which was booked by me in the previous time-table on November 19th 2012.

Above mentioned change is necessary, because in previous time-table was showed two lectures on the same day, on November 19th 2012.

I hope, above changes, you will put into yours calendar without any problem.

Thank you for cooperation.


                                                                                                                            Best regards 
prof. dr hab. Anna Karmańska
Tutor of the field of study: Finance and Accounting 


Please, see attached file: Time-table for the winter semester 2012/2013​