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Finance and Accounting - Time-table

2012-10-03 kategoria: informacja 

​Dear Students,

I welcome you cordially at Warsaw School of Economics. Congratulations on good decision about studying program Finance and Accounting, which – I am deeply sure – will be opening all important doors for yours future excellent professional career.

Program of Finance and Accounting will be challenging for many reasons, but it’s worth to go through.

One from above mentioned reasons is that some subjects will be delivered in eight-hours teaching modules. This kind of classes/lectures is necessary from substantive and organizational presumptions.

I present you following time-table for classes important for ACCA qualifications. Please, do not miss any class. Only in this case is possible to avoid difficulties in understanding next new merits-topics.

Best regards
prof. dr hab. Anna Karmańska
Tutor of the field of study: Finance and Accounting 


Please, see attached file: Time-table for the winter semester 2012/2013​