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Koordynator kierunku Finance&Accounting :


Koordynator kierunku Finance&Accounting

Finance and Accounting-Small ACCA Library

2013-02-17 kategoria: informacja 

​Dear Students,

I kindly inform you that especially for your needs is organized – in the room 6/1 in building C – small ACCA library. To use on the place or to lend books, please, do not hesitate to contact with Magda Białobrzeska-Syta (the Secretary in Department of Accountancy) during office hours.

In the resources of our Department we have also other books (in English) from the field of accountancy (both financial as well as management accounting), which also are available to you, but – please notice – only to use on the place.


Best regards
prof. dr hab. Anna Karmańska
Tutor of the field of study: Finance and Accounting