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Studenckie Koła Naukowe :

Studenckie Koła Naukowe – Zakład Zarządzania Przedsiębiorstwem | Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie

KZiF - Katedra Zarządzania Przedsiębiorstwem - Studenckie Koła Naukowe

 Studenckie Koła Naukowe

1. J&M Global Management represents the student body at the Warsaw School of Economics. As the voice of the first operational English speaking student association at the Warsaw School of Economics, our mandate is to bring value to the students we represent by providing them with relevant information, career opportunities, academic workshops and professional resources. Our passion relies in our ability to enhance their university experience while continuously improving our services thanks to the feedback and suggestions we receive from them. Our objective is to enrich the university experience of our members in order for them to prosper in their future endeavors. As a liaison between our faculty members and all future employers we are dedicated to bringing together the business industry in order to help our student’s network with diverse professionals, exchange great ideas and find business opportunities with potential employers. Our main tasks include organizing recruitment and networking events as well as speaker panels, case competitions and workshops. It is thanks to these events that we can help students become astute decision-makers, great team players, excellent communicators and qualified professionals.
2. J&M Global Management mentor is dr Marta Joanna Ziółkowska