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Konferencje i seminaria :

2nd International Conference The Future of Management. Management in the Age of Digital Transformation

KZiF - Katedra Teorii Zarządzania - Konferencje i seminaria

 2nd International Conference The Future of Management. Management in the Age of Digital Transformation


2nd International Conference
The Future of Management:
Management in the Age of Digital Transformation
October 9-10, 2017, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

  Warsaw School of Economics, Department of Management Theory, CSR Centre of SGH,
Collegium of Management & Finance 

Wrocław University of Economics, Department of Management Systems Design



Building C, Al. Niepodleglosci 128, Warsaw, Poland

Oct. 9th, 2017 – Hall I & Mezzanine 

Oct. 10th, 2017 – Room 1B​ 

Call for papers & posters

​​Research p​apers related to all areas of The Modern, Future of Management, Marketing, Sales and CSR are invited for the conference.

Publication opportunities: Journal of Management and Financial Sciences

The proposal should be written in English, contain main goal of paper/poster, research methodology, general assumptions, and conclusions and should not exceed the size of 600 words. The information of the paper/poster acceptance will be provided till the October 7th 2017.

All the accepted papers will be published as conference proceedings. Selected papers will be offered publication. 

Application Form

Application form is available HERE


Regular price – 220 EUR (900 PLN)

Early Bird (end of September) – 150 EUR (615 PLN)

Students, Alumni and PhD Candidates – 50 EUR (200 PLN)

Bank account PLN: 95 1240 1040 1111 0010 5574 7272

Bank account EUR: 03 1240 1040 1978 0010 5571 0234 


Department​ of Management Theory 

Madalinskiego 6/8, room 327, 02-553 Warsaw, Poland

Tel. +48 22 564 93 40

Papers & posters

Mikolaj Pindelski, PhD


+48 606 303 935

Participation & Organization

​Justyna Szumniak-Samolej, PhD


+48 517 069 646


Accommodation is additional. Hotels cooperating:


Day 1, Oct. 9th, 2017, Monday
Venue: Hall I & Mezzanine, Building C       
​​9.00-10.00 ​Conference Registration ​
​10.00-10.30​​​ Conference Opening Ceremony ​​

Prof. Piotr Wachowiak, Vice Rector​
​​Prof. Piotr Płoszajski, Head of Department of Management Theory 
Michał Matusewicz, PhD, Dean of Management & Finance Collegium
Prof. Grzegorz Bełz, Head of Department of Management Systems Design
​​10.30-11.30​ ​​Session 1: The Future of Management in the Age of Fourth Industrial Revolution​

Prof. Piotr Płoszajski
​11.30-12.00​ Coffee Break & Poster Session​
​12.00-13.00​​ ​Session 2: Strategic Management or Change of Paradigms?  ​

Prof. Cezary Suszyński
Prof. Krzysztof Obłój
13.00-14.00​ Session 3: The Networking Potential of Digital Transformation in Companies​

Prof. Grzegorz Bełz
​14.00-14.20​ ​Coffee Break & Poster Session​
​14.20-15.20​ ​Session 4: Does the New Management Need New Skills?  

Prof. Mathias Schuetz ​ ​
Prof. Agnieszka Sitko-Lutek
Monika Jakubik, PhD
​15.20-16.00​ ​Lunch & Poster Session ​​
Day 2, Oct. 10th, 2017, Tuesday
Venue: Room 1B, Building C​
​8.00-10.00 ​Doctoral Colloquium

Prof. Mathias Schuetz​
Prof. Rafał Mrówka
​10.00-11.00 ​​Session 1: The End of Management As We Knew It – From Old Space to New Space​​

Prof. Wojciech Paprocki
​​11.00-12.00 ​​Session 2: The Future of Sales

Sergiej Fuchs, CEO Chess Logic
Adrian Suska, Chess Logic
Mikołaj Pindelski, PhD
​​12.00-12.30 ​Lunch & Poster Session
​​12.30-14.00 Session 4: The Role of Business in the UN SDG Era - ABIS (Academy of Business in Society) Session

Rudi Plettinx, CEO ABIS
Ludwig Roger, Manager EU Projects and Funding, ABIS
Michel Bande, Senior VP Sustainable Development, Solvay​
Jacqueline Kacprzak, Coordinator, Unit of CSR and Stakeholders' Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development
Małgorzata Greszta, CSR Consulting
Justyna Szumniak-Samolej, PhD

Session Focus: The UN SDGs provide a vision for the world and a positive agenda to ensure future prosperity by addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. From a business perspective, they not only offer the chance to develop innovative solutions, but also create real value for all stakeholders. Implementing the SDGs will open up new business opportunities, build competitive advantage, strengthen supply chain resilience, help talent recruitment and retention, build trust within investors and other stakeholders and generate sustainable value for consumers and society. Aligning corporate strategies with long-term goals of society and achieving the SDGs will require changes to the way we do business as well as responsible and inclusive leadership. It will also require a renewed focus on impactful collaboration of all stakeholders, including business - academic partnerships.
​​14.00-15.00​ ​​​​Session 3: The Future Customer ​

Prof. Małgorzata Bombol​
Joanna Żukowska, PhD
​​15.00-16.30 ​Session 5: The Future of Management Teaching Programs - PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Session

Alenka Bracek Lalic - CEEMAN IQA Accreditation Director and Vice Dean for Research at IEDC-Bled School of Management​
Prof. Maria Aluchna
Prof. Bolesław Rok
​​16.30-16.45​ ​​Final Conclusions & Closing 

Conference Board

  1. prof. SGH Piotr Płoszajski, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland, Conference Head
  2. prof. Andrzej Kaleta, Wrocław Univeristy of Economics
  3. prof. Alenka Bracek Lalic, CEEMAN, Slovenia
  4. prof. Danica Purg, Bled School of Management, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  5. prof. David Brock, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel
  6. prof. ALK, Dominika Latusek-Jurczak, Kozminski University
  7. prof. Beata Glinka, Warsaw University
  8. prof. Bogdan Nogalski, High School Gdansk
  9. prof. Dusan Kucera, Prague University, Czech Rep.
  10. prof. Yaroslav Pavlov, RANEPA Russian Presidential Academy, Moscow, Russia
  11. prof. Irina Sennikova, RISEBA University of Business, Latvia
  12. prof. Jan Jeżak, Lodz University
  13. prof. Jayanthi Ranjan, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, India
  14. prof. Krzysztof Obłój, Kozminski University, Warsaw University
  15. prof. Maria Romanowska, Warsaw School of Economics
  16. prof. PŁ, Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska, Lodz University of Technology
  17. prof. Robert Karaszewski, Nicolao Copernicus University in Toruń
  18. prof. Ryszard Borowiecki, Cracow Univeristy of Economics
  19. prof. SGH, Piotr Wachowiak, Warsaw School of Economics
  20. prof. Soumodip Sarkar, University of Évora, Portugal, Harvard University, USA
  21. prof. Szymon Cyfert, Poznań Univeristy of Economics
  22. prof. UEW Grzegorz Bełz, Wrocław Univeristy of Economics
  23. prof. UJK, Jarosław Karpacz, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce
  24. prof. UMCS Agnieszka Sitko-Lutek, Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin
  25. prof. US, Edyta Rudawska, Szczecin University
  26. prof. Wojciech Czakon, Jagiellonian Univeristy in Kraków
  27. prof. Wojciech Dyduch, Univeristy of Economics in Katowice
  28. prof. Wojciech Rybowski, Gdansk Foundation of Managerial Education​